My dogs have been visiting Blue Ribbon Acres Boarding Spa for almost two years. My dogs love visiting their "country home" and don't even mind that I am leaving them! They come home happy, well-adjusted and tired from their adventures while I was away. -- Julie M.


The staff at Blue Ribbon is superb - Jennifer and her crew REALLY DO KNOW what dogs like. -- Barbara G.


Dylan doesn't want to leave - he loves to stay and play. -- Gail L.


When we turn on to Blue Ribbon Acres street my puppy starts barking and getting excited - he knows its time for play! -- Linda M.


My girls always come home looking so happy and healthy after staying at Blue Ribbon Acres. -- Kate G.


Just outside of Fairfax County! I love this place or more accurately, my dog LOVES this place. Jennifer and her team do a bang up job of taking care of my active 1+ year old doberman. They also make it very easy for my busy lifestyle as they provide curb service for the pooch, both picking him up and dropping him off for an additional charge. Our dog enjoys it so much that he jumps into the van when it arrives...which sometimes makes me feel that we aren't good enough parents. 

The farm has a large  fenced area where the dogs can play outside and they always give him a bath before returning him to us. I wouldn't board him anywhere else for an extended period of time. We found Blue Ribbon through the recommendation of a neighbor and since that time, have found a number of other folks that use the service. I have never heard a single complaint about Blue Ribbon except for the occasional disappointment about how much the dogs enjoy the place! -- Karen P.