NEWS | Fall 2015

Vaccinations: Remember to update your dog’s vaccination 2 weeks prior to bringing them to stay with us. Vaccinating your pet within 14 days of their visit will cause undue stress on their immune system while creating antibodies to fight the virus that is in the vaccine. It is better to vaccinate after boarding than within the aforementioned 14 day window.

Healthy paws during the winter: The winter can be a dangerous time for your pet. Roads and sidewalks are treated with a deicing chemicals and salt which can build up on the pads and hairs on your dog’s feet which can cause blistering and chemical burns. This is not only a threat to your dog’s foot safety but also their overall wellbeing. Dogs will lick at their paws and potentially ingest these chemicals if not treated. You also need to worry about balls of ice building up between your dog’s toes and in the hair on the bottom of their feet. Don’t panic! There are some easy steps to follow to prevent these injuries.

1. Keep the hair on the bottom of your pets feet trimmed throughout the winter months, and applying pad conditioner.

2. Keep a small bowl of warm water by the door to clean your pet’s feet when they come in from their walks. I also recommend keeping the shoes you were wearing during these walks out of reach of your pet as these will also have salt built up on them. 

3. Take shorter yet more frequent walks to avoid prolonged exposure to the cold.

Thanksgiving leftovers: Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, and vegetables are all great, healthy options for your dog during the holiday season. Do NOT feed your dog any leftovers that may contain onions, grapes, raisins or any dish that contains an abundance of nuts.